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Harnessing the Full Potential of Chemotherapy while Eliminating Side Effects

Chemotherapy Can Activate Resistance. Patients Suffer.

Why is this happening?

Transporters Pump Chemotherapy out of Cancer Cells making them Ineffective.

The Result?

Doctors prescribe higher dosages to overcome the effects of transporters, which leads to more side effects.

Ultimately, Patients Suffer.

We are solving a 35-year old problem.
Previous attempts to develop drugs that block the pump have failed due to severe toxicity and side effects.

The OncoStemyx Approach Will Change This

Our Therapy Eliminates Transporters and allows Chemotherapy to work

OSTX-2 is a 25 year old drug originally used for infectious disease but can also eliminate transporters and allow chemotherapy to enter the cancer cell and kill it.

In Vitro Pharmacology (Dose Response)

OSTX-2 enhances the efficiency of chemotherapy at an unprecedented 300x better than chemotherapy alone.


In Vivo Pharmacology (Xenografts)

OSTX-2 combined with chemotherapy induces a synergistic effect that kills tumours even with 10-fold less chemotherapy leading to a complete response (CR), confirmed by histology.