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Discover. Invent. Innovate.

Improving the Effect of Therapies for Cancer.

Our mission is to discover, invent and innovate mechanistic approaches to redevelop current therapies, or develop novel therapies with high efficacy and low toxicity.
Our solution is based on a novel drug combination that can target chemoresistance in several cancer types by inducing stochastic cell death and leads to a robust priming of an enhanced T-cell killing response.

Meet the Team


Vikash Bhagwandin, Ph.D.

Founder, CEO

Vikash is the Founder & CEO of OncoStemyx, which he started in 2016. Prior to launching OncoStemyx, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the UCSF Cancer Center under the mentorship of the legendary cancer biologist, Dr. J. Michael Bishop, Chancellor Emeritus of UCSF and co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1989. Vikash obtained his Ph.D. from UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, where he studied telomerase and cancer stem cells under the mentorship of Jerry Shay and Woodring Wright. Prior to his graduate career, Vikash spent many years conducting cancer research at several companies such as Cell Genesis, Tularik, Genentech, Dendreon, and Geron where he made several discoveries of which some have translated into cancer therapies.


George H. Caughey, M.D.


The Caughey lab is interested in understanding how protein-cleaving enzymes of mast cells, white blood cells, and cells lining the airway contribute to inflammation, host defense, tissue remodeling and barrier function in the lung. These studies relate to clinical problems in cancer, asthma, cystic fibrosis, lung transplantation and pneumonia.

Preclinical Team

Shay/Wright LabPh.D., UTSW
Auchus Lab, M.D., U Mich
Sansom Lab, CRUK, Glasgow, UK

Clinical Trials Team

Anthony Lowell, M.D., U. of Kentucky
Aman Chauhan, M.D., U. of Kentucky
Mohammed Habra, M.D., Andersen
Richard Auchus, M.D., U Mich ann Arbor
Hans Ghayee, D.O., U of F Gainseville
Owen Sansom, M.D. Ph.D., Glasgow, UK

Scientific Advisors

George H. Caughey, M.D., UCSF
J. Michael Bishop, M.D., UCSF
Jerry W. Shay, Ph.D., UTSW
John D. Minna, M.D., UTSW
Richard Auchus, M.D., U Mich